Hi, I’m Kate! Thanks for stopping by say hello there– I’m glad you’re here! A little bit of what you should know about me:

  • I’m a bisexual, tree-hugging, whale-loving, liberal, organic food-eating, eco-nerd from the Pacific Northwest.
  • I welcome questions about any or all of these topics. Hostility or condemnation, however, will be squashed like icky little bugs.
  • I hate bugs. Especially ants.
  • I make the best toasted cheese sandwiches around. Seriously.
  • I think that smooshie-faced dogs are the best kind.
  • I have a BA in Philosophy & Religious Studies. What does this mean in real life? Pretty much nothing.
  • I’m a sucker for teeny-tiny things. Little boxes, miniature top hats, tiny food… doesn’t matter. I ❤ it.
  • Orange is one of the best colors. Gray is second-best.

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