New year, new resolve

20130101-232011.jpgnew kitchen supplies

Well, let’s see how we did in 2012, shall we?

  • find things that are fulfilling I’d say yes, mostly. I improved my blog, started a fic rec tumblr, wrote my first Sherlock fic, kept my book club running a whole year (and counting), and got in touch with old friends.
  • begin a regular work-out routine. This one, not so much.
  • date night once a month. Well, the break-up took care of this one for me, so you know what? I’m going to count it as done anyway.
  • finally pay off our credit cards. The nice thing about breaking up was that suddenly I didn’t have to deal with any of her debt. Another month or two & I should be credit card debt free.
  • have a mimosa brunch. Diane, Sara, let’s do this.
  • buy an Instax 7s (1/13/11)
  • develop my personal style. Lately I’ve been rocking a sort of geek-chic, cardigan-wearing librarian look that, let’s face it, is totally who I am.
  • find a necklace to wear every day. If you’re looking for everyday jewelry, let me point you to a fantastic Etsy shop called Edor.
  • give up soda. It is to laugh.
  • become a vegetarian. Recycle & repeat from above.
  • Project 365. YES. And I have really, really enjoyed it. Definitely continuing on in 2013.
  • invest in quality make-up. My Birchbox subscription was a big step here, and it was totally worth it.

Not too bad, all things considered. And for 2013:

  • Embrace who I am, with no flinching and no apologies.
  • Take the plunge and move to Seattle.
  • Get up early & walk the dog at least twice a week.
  • Live more simplistically.
  • Write more.
  • Project 365.
  • Get more photos printed.

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