fandom friday

-the first trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness has been released! I’m back to wondering if Benedict Cumberbatch might be playing Khan, after all. Although to be honest I’d trade the new Star Trek movie for a new season of Sherlock in a heartbeat.


-Still looking for the perfect Christmas present for the geek in your life? These One Ring Earrings are pretty awesome. Other great options include the Sonic Screwdriver Toothbrush or the Periodic Table Shower Curtain.

-The first shots for the Ender’s Game movie are out. I’m always so conflicted about anything Ender’s Game related, because it’s such an amazing book, but Orson Scott Card is such a horrible, horrible person that it repels me. I can’t stand the idea of putting money in his pocket.

-Devin Faraci over at Badass Digest has an interesting article on Fake Geek Girls, what they represent, and why it’s a problem. I am decidedly not a fan of the Fake Geek Girl, namely because they make it that much harder for us actual Geek Girls. They create this expectation that Geek Girls will basically be models in anime bikinis, when the truth is that we spend as much time in front of our x-boxes or computers as Geek Guys do, with basically the same results.


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