I’ve given in and climbed on the tumblr bandwagon. It’s sort of an outgrowth of my Fandom Friday posts, as I read way too much fic to only rec a handful a week. You can find it here.

Also, *drumroll please,* after ten-ish years in fandom, I’ve caved & started writing my first Sherlock fic. I’m having All. The. Feels. about it, so here’s a tiny preview:

He’s reaching for a box of cover slips when the box, his microscope, and the chair that he’s sitting in promptly disappear. It’s harder to remain aloof when bum meets floor unexpectedly. How did…what just happened? Hallucinating murder victims is one thing, but vanishing furniture is something else entirely.

It’s a Sherlock/A Christmas Carol cross-over, because I watched Scrooge over the weekend and couldn’t shake the idea of Sherlock being visited by the three ghosts. If anybody needs a ghostly wake-up call, it’s that guy.

So, who else did something productive so far this week?


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