a very late fandom friday

Happy Friday, fandom! Hopefully you filled your bellies with turkey & your shopping carts with fandomy delights (I snagged great deals on Camelot & Big Bang Theory dvds).

-Fem!lock trailer by Cireal. I adore this, largely because one of my biggest fannish wishes is to see a modern female Sherlock. I like Lucy Liu’s Watson on Elementary, but I really want to see them take it all the way and make Sherlock a woman. I doubt we’re likely to see it, largely because the Sherlockian traits that make him barely acceptable as a man would not play as remotely socially acceptable on a woman. Everybody loves House, but god forbid Cuddy get a little bitchy.

-“E-reading isn’t reading: A GIF response.” An article was published in Slate a few days ago wherein the author claimed that e-reading, whether via Kindle or the web, basically lacked all validation as a source of knowledge/entertainment consumption. Being a long-time fanfic reader & employee of a Major E-book Retailer, I call bullshit, and this article is the perfect response.

from fanficflamingo.tumblr.com

-Oh, Fanfic Flamingo. Telling fandom truths like it is- I love it. Other personal favorite: “Find terrible fic. CAN’T LOOK AWAY.

Hello, Tailor has a great blog post on Skyfall and the New Bond Girls. An interesting look at the roll that sexism still plays in the Bond movies, and the varying treatments of M, Eve, and Severine.

Fic recs!

We’re getting a little meta today, because is there anything I like better than fic about fic writers writing fic? No, no, there isn’t.

Pairing Pendragon/Merlin, by anon. Fandom: BBC Merlin, but also a tiny bit Starz Camelot. Pairing: Merlin/Arthur. Rating: PG-13. | Arthur is a BNF in the Camelot fandom, and in a Series of Surprising Events, Merlin ends up as his beta. They fall into the most adorable of crushy crushes, but the fact that they’ve never met and, in fact, have no idea of each others gender makes it just the teensiest bit awkward.

And then he opened the comment box on Pendragon’s comment and stared at it. Maybe if he stared like a crazy man, then some words would come up, starting off all blobby like a captcha and then magically forming themselves into exactly the right thing to say that wouldn’t come off like a squealing fanboy. Merlin typed into the box, and then deleted. And then again. And then again. It was like a list.

– Your comment made me happy in my pants.
– Did you want to maybe talk about collaborating on something?
– If I was a girl (which I’m not, are you gay? I hope you are) then I would seriously like to have your baby.
– Did you want to friend me? I’m friended to you. You can see all my private entries. ALL OF THEM. Just saying.
– I notice you live in London. I also live in London. Want to get a drink?

Merlin thought about just mashing the keypad for a little while, and then he decided to go the route of cool, calm and collected.

The Theory of Narrative Causality, by falling_voices. Fandom: Sherlock. Pairing: Sherlock/John. Rating: R. | This fic is genius on so many levels, starting with the storytelling and ending with the epic, epic formatting. It is a work of coding brilliance in that the entire thing actually looks & reads like comments on an LJ post, or a scrolling g-chat, or a series of texts. Fabulous. It’s also a hilarious fic about a fic writer and his artist falling in love, and dealing with fandom_wank. Given the format, it’s difficult to post a quote, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. If you read fic at all, regardless of the fandom, give this one a shot.




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