to the waters and the wild

I finally got around to watching Snow White & the Huntsman, and let me just say that I’m glad I rented it from Amazon before shelling out for the Blu-Ray. Very pretty, but lacking in any real cinematic interest. Heaven knows I adore fairy tale reinterpretations, though, so in that spirit:

stories don’t end just because you grew up

(fairy tales for adults)

from Goodreads

It’s fairly well-documented that I adore everything Catherynne Valente’s ever written, but In the Night Garden is the absolute pinnacle. It is a stunningly atmospheric tale in the best tradition of The Arabian Nights, full of stories that twist and weave back on themselves, threads that wander and hide before coming to resolution somewhere entirely unexpected.

from Goodreads

Inspired by “Scarborough Fair” and the legend of the three impossible tasks, Nancy Werlin’s Impossible was a delight. The author’s handling of the task riddles is clever, and there was enough character interest to hold my attention, even when I knew where the plot was going ahead of time.

from Goodreads

Melinda Lo’s Ash is full of lush prose, setting a mood that was perfect for a fairy story. The slow evolution of the romance between Ash and Kaisa is what I always look for, and so seldom find in a GLBT novel: a lesbian romance that isn’t about being a lesbian. It’s two girls, they fall in love, and the fact that they’re both young women makes no difference. I don’t always want to read an angst-ridden coming out story, all right? This is a fairy tale and it has it’s own angst issues, but they come from an entirely different place, with which I’m just fine. Ash is much more of a character study than an adventure story; it’s the perfect rainy day, settle into a mood sort of story.

What fairy stories have you never given up?


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