fandom friday

-Gamer Girl & Country Boy, by Felicia Day & Jason Charles Miller. Oh, Felicia Day. I have an absolutely epic crush on her, so much so that even this semi-country music video is adorable.


-It’s the 10th anniversary of Firefly! There’s nothing like a healthy dose of space cowboys to make the ‘Verse a better place. If you missed the retrospective on Sci-Fi, you can catch some clips of it on Youtube here. Amazon also has the Firefly Blu-Rays or DVDs on sale currently!

-And in the-fandom-where-other-fandoms-go-to-die news, Twilight: Breaking Dawn p.2 is out this weekend. Luckily, that also brings us this article, Four Twilight Movies According to Someone Who’s Never Seen Them. Favorite quote: “Dumb-looking Shirtless Guy says to Bella, “I’m in love with you, and I want you to pick me instead of him,” because this movie’s screenwriter graduated from the Characters Explicitly Saying What They Want and Are Feeling at Any Given Moment School of Screenwriting.”

Fic Recs!

The Shattered Marque, by Kryptaria. Fandom: Kushiel’s Dart/Sherlock x-over. Pairing: Sherlock/John. Rating: PG-13. | Okay, the only thing that could make my love for Sherlock fic any stronger is a cross-over with Kushiel’s Dart, one of my favorite book series of all time. This is a fantastic modern interpretation of the Kusiel universe, with Terre D’Ange & the D’Angelites coexisting with current England & France. There’s political maneuvering, religious and cultural interplay, and (because it is a Sherlock fic) murder. LOVE IT.

Five years after the end of the French Revolution, King William IV had granted land to the Embassy of Terre d’Ange, and the first Temple of Elua was built on English soil. By the end of William’s reign, the Houses of the Night Court had an established presence at the embassy. Queen Victoria attempted to have the Night Court in London declared an illegal business operating on government property, but proponents argued successfully that the Night Court was an expression of Terre d’Ange’s national religion.

E-book Library: Fanfiction on the Run. A fabulous resource for e-reader ready fanfic, the E-book Library has fanfic downloadable in epub, mobi, or PDF formats. Most of the major fandoms are represented, so you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

His and Hers, by roboticonograph. Fandom: Iron Man. Rating: R. Pairing: Tony/Pepper. | This is a little gem of a post-IM 2 fic, where Pepper and Tony start to get the feel for their relationship. As always, Tony gets a wild hair, and Pepper is close behind, making it work.

She knows his moods, and she knows his secrets, and she knows his smiles, and above all, she knows his faults. She, more than anyone else, has a pretty good idea of what she’d be getting into. She has enough information to make the best decision for herself, or for him, or for both of them.

Happy Friday, fandom!


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