things on thursday


-Congratulations, Mr. President. You've saved me from having to pack up and move to Canada, so, thanks for that.

-It looks like WA Referendum 74, allowing for gay marriage in Washington, will pass, therefore allowing me to get my bisexual groove on any which way I please.

-have successfully drawn one of my besties into Sherlock fandom through filthy omega!verse fic. It's like a terrible, delicious gateway drug. Also, muah ha ha.


-late library books. although i choose to think of it not so much as paying a fine as making a donation.

-apparently there was a Sherlock convention in Seattle last weekend which I somehow missed. Sad panda face.

What are you saying YES to this week? What NOs are you sending to bed without supper?


One thought on “things on thursday

  1. Yes:
    Getting great hours at second job, thus getting all the hours I want. Also, good tips!

    Excellent election results all over the country.

    Beautiful fall weather

    Time of the month bloat.

    Life plan uncertainties (so where are we going again? And when?)

    Running into several things at high speed in the hot dog stand last night, resulting in icky and painful bruises.

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