fandom friday

-Joss Whedon for Mitt Romney & the Zombie Apocalypse. Oh, Joss. How I love you.

-I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Disney bought Lucasfilm earlier this week. What do I say to that? You go, Disney. They can’t possible do more damage to the franchise than Lucas himself has done over the last couple of decades. Let Joss Whedon write & direct the next film, and I am so there.


-Sugar Skull Stormtrooper T-Shirt from, in honor of Dia De Los Muertos & Disney (Disney de Los Muertos?).

Fic Recs!

Every Star in the Sky Knows Your Name, by Juane_Chat. Fandom: Firefly/Sherlock x-over. Pairing: Sherlock/John, if you squint. Rating: PG-13. This fic SHOT to the top of my favorite fics list this week, because the x-over is so brilliant and I never would have thought of it: Sherlock was at the Academy as one of River’s predecessors. It’s billed as a Sherlock AU, but is really much more of a Firefly fic; you need no knowledge of Sherlock, but a working knowledge of the Firefly universe would be helpful.

Sherlock was studying River, pale eyes focused on her form, now staring, now darting over her body. It could have seemed predatory, even sexual, but it was the last thing on either one’s mind. She returned his stare, fixated on his pale eyes. This had been going on for a good hour, far too long for two such as they. Both could have gathered the information they needed in seconds, albeit in very different ways.

“Come,” River said imperiously, holding her hand out to him. “There’s nothing more to be found.”

The Paladin Protocol, by SpaceAnJL. Fandom: The Big Bang Theory. Pairing: Penny/Sheldon. Rating: PG-13. In my head canon, this fic replaces everything that happens after the boys come back from Antarctica, because the way it’s handled in the show drives me crazy. This is a brilliantly long and plotty fic that traces the slow and utterly believable build of a romance between Sheldon and Penny. I can’t heap enough praise on it. (Fair warning: this fic is hosted on, but don’t let that scare you off)

Penny picks her jaw up. Holy crap. Sheldon Cooper, PhD, dressed in armour, and handling a sword like he actually knows how to use it, rapid cut and thrust. C3PO has just turned into a freaking Terminator.

Ten Non-linear Moves, by Sequitur. Fandom: NCIS. Pairing: gen. Rating: PG. A great little fic that explores what happens as Tony finds his place leading the team. Set in the s.3/4 break after Gibbs leaves.

The motto is not always WWGD. WWGD is brought out at half-time when the center just sprained his ankle and the other team has that one guy who has to be at least seven feet tall. Most of the time, Tony gets by on various second-string techniques.

Happy Friday, fandom!






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