fandom friday

-The first Iron Man 3 trailer has been released! Looks like they'll be serving up a heap of angst & explosions, which is basically all I ever wanted.

Literature map: this is a great website for when you've run through your favorite author's entire canon, and need something similar. Type in the name of an author, and it presents you with several related authors. The visual representation is a good indicator of just how related they might be (although I'm still not sure how Mercedes Lackey ends up on the same page with Robert Heinlein).

The Inception Fic Writer's Guide to Firearms: because if you're going to write in a fandom where the main characters are gun-toting BAMFs, you should know a little about it.


I Fall, by Kass. Fandom: Firefly. Pairing: Mal/River. Rating: PG-13ish. Mal's going to the special hell if this keeps up.

“Mal looked out at the empty vastness of space, and for an instant wished he were out there in it instead of in here trying to have a talk about the birds and the bees with his crazy copilot.

“Have you ever even seen a bee?” River sounded disgusted.”

Five Ways the World Won't End, and One Way It Could, by C.L. Kamnikar. Fandom: Buffy. Pairing: Buffy/Spike. Rating: PG-13. Six realities from six points of view.

You were supposed to say yes, she thought. I gave you an opening and you were supposed to take it without asking. But when had Spike ever done exactly what she wanted? She lifted her eyes from the chrome and steel to meet his gaze, as hard as the metal in the moonlight.

Something Different, by Aristide. Fandom: The Dark is Rising. Pairing: Will/Bran. Rating: NC-17. How much do I love fics where Will & Bran find their way back to each other? SO MUCH. I mean, they are canonically fated to be by each other's side forever, so…

This seemed monumentally unfair. He had more experience, more knowledge, more awareness than anyone else he knew (who wasn't an Old One, anyway), and yet he was entirely unprepared for what he was going through. It was too bad that the writer of the Book of Gramarye, while waxing poetic about flying with the eagles and swimming in the deeps, hadn't seen any need to dash out a chapter about Your Changing Body And You. He felt adrift, and always in his mind there was Bran, the crux of his longing, a hopeless and apparently eternal attachment to a boy he'd spent a few scant weeks with years ago, who didn't even remember what had happened, who didn't know who, or what, he was, and could never be told.

Happy Friday, fandom!

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