an A-Z browser adventure

Shamelessly inspired and intrigued by Scalzi’s post of a few weeks ago, I typed each letter of the alphabet into my Google search bar to see what search terms/websites auto-completed.

a: Big surprise, seeing as how I’m on their website basically every day for work.

b: “best iPad apps,” which brought up an article from PCMag on the top 100 best iPad apps. The problem with it was that the “best” apps are also the “best-known” apps- I hardly need an article to tell me to download IMDB/Netflix/Dropbox, etc.

c: Because when I had Comcast, I was on their website all the time trying to deal with their terrible customer service.

d: “doctor who season 7 trailer,” presumably no explanation needed.

e: “ebay customer support phone number,” not for myself, but for a customer, who couldn’t grasp why I, who do not work for ebay, couldn’t help him with his ebay account.

f: “five in the afternoon lyrics.” I had Maroon 5’s Nine in the Afternoon stuck in my head, but couldn’t remember if it was “five” or “nine.” Now I have it stuck in my head again, but at least I know the right words.

g: google maps. because I get lost easily.

h: “Henri Marrioneaux’s Birds on a Wind.” This painting, which sounded lovely, is mentioned in an Inception fanfic, & I looked it up before realizing both it and the artist are an invention of the author. Link is to the fic; if you like Arthur/Eames, it’s a great piece.

i: “inception remington steel crossover.” Because it would be awesome. No link, because tragically no one has written this fic yet. Please do, so I can read it shamelessly.

j: “joseph gordon levitt dancing in the street.” This is the clip from 500 Days of Summer where JGL has a dance number on his way home. The adorableness is almost too much to take.

k: “kindle fire HD reviews.” So that I’m prepared when someone calls up complaining about something they read on the internet.

l: “la portentia.” Because I’m a font junkie.

m: “michigan time zone.” Apparently, what time zone you live in is no longer taught in school. You wouldn’t believe how often I have to look that up for customers.

n: “neal caffrey.” Come on. He’s just so pretty.

o: Because I’m a girly girlpants and I like to look at clothes.

p: “peach champagne sorbet recipe.” A friend posted a pic of this on her Instagram & it looked super-delicious.

q: Questionable Content. I’ve been reading this web comic since I started college, so… since 2003. Kudos to Jeph Jacques for awesome-sauce.

r: “rageprufrock.” Basically because I fandom-crush her so hard it’s ridiculous.

s: Seychelles Footwear. Cute shoes are important, okay?

t: “the imposter.” This movie sounds creep-tastic.

u: Urban Dictionary. Sometimes you need to know, and sometimes you’ll really, really regret it afterwards.

v: “viking river cruises.” I keep seeing the commercial for these, and it is absolutely going to be my next vacation.

w: Wildfibers yarns. This is a great local yarn store. I think they recognize me when I come in by the sound of my bank account crying in anticipation.

x: “xxxholic theme song.” Possibly my favorite anime theme song ever.

y: “ysabeau wilce.” If you haven’t read the Flora books yet, rectify that. Now. They are brilliant fantasy novels with a wonderful female lead.

z: “zucchini bread recipe.” I started with this recipe & then… did something else entirely, really. My version is here.

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