Book Review: The History of the World According to Facebook

The History of the World According to FacebookThe History of the World According to Facebook by Wylie Overstreet
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was an absolute romp! “The History of the World According to Facebook is in the same vein as “The Complete History of the World, Part 1,” which is to say irreverent, frequently crass, and a pretty good way to waste an hour or two.

Like it says on the tin, Overstreet’s parody presents the history of the world as if it appeared on Facebook. Since we’re all familiar with it, it’s a format that works. Not that it’s particularly difficult to understand, of course- my parents aren’t FB users at all, and they got a laugh out of it.

The book is split up roughly by era, from the Beginning of Time (“The Singularity is in a relationship with Time and Space, and it’s complicated”) to the Information Age (“Sir Mix-a-Lot added Big Butts and Not Lying to his interests”). The funniest bits come at the beginning, by and large- once it starts getting into the modern era, the jokes are a little old. We’ve all heard basically every George W. Bush crack around in the last ten years, after all. My personal favorite happens fairly early on: “God > Eve: Fail.”

Don’t get into it expecting any sort of actually informative experience, and leave it on the shelf if you’re offended by jokes about plagues, death, or tragically stupid people. If that doesn’t bother you, then read it somewhere you can share the funny bits with the people around you, ’cause trust me, you’ll want to.

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