things on thursday, 10/18


-my hair is long enough to wear in milkmaid braids again! seriously, the next time I want to cut it, someone stop me. I always, always regret it about ten seconds after it's done.

-I bought my iPad this week and I completely love it. I've done all my blog posts this week on it, as well as read a truly ridiculous amount of fanfic, which is basically all I ask. And the screen is so shiny.

-peanut butter m&ms.


– a customer called this week just to complain. He didn't need help or want an issue resolved, he just wanted to rant for fifteen minutes about something he didn't like.

-the presidential debate. I can't listen to Romney speak for two minutes without being overcome by rage.

-on the ballot in Washington is Referendum 74, which would legalize gay marriage. Being a bisexual, and only recently having come out of a long-term lesbian relationship, this is a huge issue for me. I caught a commercial on TV the other day that basically stated, “you can like support gay people while not supporting gay marriage.” No, I'm sorry, you can't. You cannot stand behind a group of people while systematically denying them rights available to other citizens.

What are you saying YES to this week? What needs to be slapped in the face with a NO? I'd love to hear!



2 thoughts on “things on thursday, 10/18

  1. Yes: Jeans that used to be tight will not stay up without a belt, my first iPhone is still amazing and I’m no longer bothered by having to vacate my desktop in the bedroom when the husband goes to sleep because the phone gives me all I need (fanfic viewing ability), bills coming in that can be paid on time.

    No: Sinus allergy infection of doom, something weird with my paycheck (there is inexplicably less of it), the fact that I don’t have a room to sequester the litter box.

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