fandom friday

Because Loki is really just a little wooby who needs a cuddle. Aww. I mean, really, don’t you get the feeling that he didn’t get enough hugs as a child?


Starfleet cell phone cases! I’m a little torn between Command & Science; my phone doesn’t need any red shirt karma.

Reader’s Guide to the Marvel NOW! Relaunch: this week, Marvel released a “relaunch” of many of their main comic book titles, a move that really could go either way. From a marketing standpoint, it’s a great way to get new readers involved, especially fans that have come in since the recent movies. It’s a lot easier to follow a new (for certain values of new) comic from issue #1 then to try and find a random starting point. Long-term followers can find it both boring and a little off-putting. My personal opinion is that if you’re going to attempt any sort of a reboot/relaunch, you have to go all in. Don’t try and follow any sort of continuity from previous plot lines; start all over, brand new, or it’s not worth it. The Star Trek reboot worked for me because they kept the spirit of the characters intact while providing an entirely new story line and world view.

fic recs:

The Sacred and Profane, by afrai. Fandom: Good Omens. Rating: R. Pairing: Azriphale/Crowley. If you’re in the mood for a fic that reaches down your throat, pulls your heart out, and then feeds it to you, this is the answer. It’s a Good Omens AU where Azriphale fell instead of Crowley, and the spin it puts on the entire story is heart-wrenching. It hurts. The characterization is so, so perfect, and the way the story plays out…oh.

“Lucifer raged, and the angel thought,

If that could happen to the Morningstar . . .

In another universe, the thought stopped there. The angel remained an angel, although occasionally he was disturbingly wrathful.

Here, it did not.

If that could happen to the Morningstar . . .

. . . what about me?

And the angel turned to dust.”

The Paradox Series, by wordstrings. Fandom: BBC Sherlock. Rating: PG toNC-17, depending on the story. Pairing: Sherlock/John. And for our second fic rec, here’s another offering that will kill you dead. This series is so brilliant and lovely and terrible all at once that I read the entire thing and then turned around and read it again. And it is very, very long. But not long enough, because I could quite possibly read this for the rest of my life. I do want to note that it is definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea- the author takes Sherlock’s highly obsessive, possessive, and potentially-sociopathic nature to a (logical and brilliantly characterized) extreme. There are some very dark themes, but it’s all safe sane consensual. The sheer depth of emotion portrayed in this series is really, truly stunning.

“…he has a list.  A neat mental list of fine things and not-fine things.  Here is a very, very abbreviated version of the first list, things which are undoubtedly fine:

Kiss me.  Now.

Take that jumper off, it looks dreadful, and anyway later I’ll use it for a pillow.

Tell me about every lover you’ve ever had.  I want to make them each smaller in your memory.

Press your mouth over every inch of my skin.  It’s rather sensitive, but I’ve barrels of self-control.

Get on your knees.

Tell me about the last time you got on your knees, it wasn’t in the Army, it was in London.  I know these things.

Say my name, but breathless, very breathless, with your fists twisting the sheets of my bed.  Say Sherlock.  Say it again.  At least I know you’ve never said that name in that way before now.

Ask me whether I’ve ever made a scientific study of the effects of sex on the human body.  Ask me if I ever repeated the experiment once I found out about sodomy.

Never leave me.  Not even when I ask you to.

But there is another list.  And Sherlock knows that nothing on that list is “fine.”  It’s all dreadful, in fact.  He’s never wanted to spare anyone anything in his life, and this is a new sensation, this feeling of kindness, perhaps even of empathy, it’s what’s ripping him apart, and he’s constructed in such a way that he feels each and every seam.  But he wants achingly to spare John this second list.  The not-fine list.  It’s ugly, but he dwells on it, can’t help but linger there, and it’s such a struggle to know which are the edgier parts of the first list and which are the more forgivable aspects of the second one.  The one he wants John to leave him over.”

Happy Friday, fandom!



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