things on thursday


-the fam headed out to the Festival of Family Farms this weekend, which was pretty fun. Splurged on some alpaca yarn (surprise), pet some goats, saw baby cows. Good times.

-thinking about replacing my laptop with an iPad, & using my old laptop as backup. And by “thinking about” I mean “pretty sure I’m buying it this Friday.” New toys! My poor laptop has had a broken screen for years, so it’s about time it got retired.

-fall! got a bunch of hats & cowls out of storage. yummy, yummy handknits.

-kicked off the Halloween movie list with Hocus Pocus


-was reminded this week of the fact that you only run into people you know when you’re wearing no make-up and lazy day clothes. not cool, yo.

-there should be a ban on political ads the month before the elections. If I wanted to listen to this level of name-calling, I’d lock a bunch of thirteen year-old girls in a room together.

-started Christopher Priest’s new book, The Islanders. Rarely has a book bored me so much in the first ten pages.

What are you saying YES to this week? Anything that needs a big, fat NO stamped on its forehead? Let me know!


One thought on “things on thursday

  1. YES: Awesome work review with promise of raise and bonus, being rewarded with personalized notepads for walking to work, new job being manageable and even kinda fun, seeing my first hockey fight, chicken+feta+bell peppers.

    No: Feet getting used to closed toe shoes again, people who insist that what is obviously a grape juice spill on the floor is, in fact, a giant blood stain that I just decided to ignore.

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