a little iPhone app love

One of my besties just upgraded to her first iPhone (they grow up so fast!), so here are some of my favorite apps to get her started.

Catch: there are a million note-compiling apps out there, and I think at one point I’ve had them all downloaded. At once. The thing I love about Catch is that it takes the place of all of the apps I was using at once. It sets reminders, takes video/audio/text notes, and makes checklists. You can tag your notes or organize them into categories. And it’s free! Perfect.

Awesome Note: one of the best productivity apps out there. Awesome Note combines calendar scheduling with reminders, notes, journal entries, and to-do lists. I use it to track scheduling, post ideas and other sundry things for blogging. $3.99, but absolutely worth it.

Instagram: my love for Instagram should be pretty obvious at this point. I adore the combination of photography & social networking. Free.

Camera+: this is the photo app I use whenever I’m doing anything more advanced than snapshots for Instagram. Lots of versatility, very responsive, only .99$.

Fuzel Pro: the best photo collage app, and the one I’ve been using here on the blog lately. Easy to use, lots of framing options. $1.99.

Cuptakes & Cuptakes Frames: girlie wallpapers. Because I like my phone to look pretty, and they do a great job. New wallpapers update every month. .99$.

Paper’d: another really adorable wallpaper app. This one has a great mix of girly things and dinosaurs. And robots. Free.

Got an app you can’t live without? I’d love to hear about it!



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