Birchbox review: September 2012


After an interminable (and unexplained) shipping delay, my September Birchbox finally arrived. The theme this month was fall trends- I’m not sure how well my box fir that idea, but there were several products I enjoyed.

  • Mighty Leaf Tea, whole leaf tea pouches- this was my Birchbox extra, and lord knows I love new tea samples. Of the two flavors I’ve tried so far, Chamomile Citrus was delicious, flavorful and a little zingy, while Vanilla Bean was far too sweet for my taste.
  • Twistband- I don’t care how many of these I end up with, because I love these little elastic hair ties.
  • Nexus Pro-Mend Split End Binding Shampoo/Conditioner/Leave-in Treatment- my consistent problem with hair care samples is that there isn’t enough in the sample to see if it really works. No shampoo is going to mend my split ends in two washes. I can say that this smells pretty good.
  • Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator- according to Birchbox, “Vasanti’s multi-action exfoliator includes both enzymes and micro crystals, plus healing natural ingredients. The result? Renewed, decongested skin without any redness.” Well, that sounds cool. Again, there’s not enough in the sample for extended testing, but I did like the way my skin felt after using it, no dryness or tightness.
  • Youngblood Mineral Primer- I really liked this. I don’t usually use a primer, but it helped mattify my oily t-zone & even out the appearance of my powder. At $41, I’m not sure if I’d invest in it, though (time to start saving up those BB points!).
  • Color Club Custom Collection in Status Update- I haven’t been a fan of the last two Color Club polishes that I’ve received, but I love this color. It’s a dark blue/gray, which had great, solid coverage with one coat. Perfect for fall!

I’m still loving my Birchbox subscription. It’s exactly what it should be- a inexpensive way for me to try some things I’d never buy for myself.



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