fandom friday

courtesy of BBC America

Unless you’re totally behind the times in Doctor Who fandom, you know that the Ponds are leaving in this Saturday’s ep, “The Angels Take Manhattan.” Can we take a minute and talk about how not ready I am for them to go? If I had to rank all the Companions, it would look like this:

  • Donna
  • Amy + Rory
  • Rose
  • Amy on her own
  • anyone else who’s ever traveled with the Doctor in the whole history of the show
  • Martha-the-rebound-Companion

I love how the Ponds’ experience has been so vastly different from anyone else we’ve seen travel with them. I can’t get enough of the fact that they form a unit outside of their relationship with the Doctor, rather than being entirely dependent on him. I like how Rory has a profession that we actually get to see him practice (how adorable was it when he got his nurse on during “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”?). Also, they’re so pretty. I just completely adore them, and will probably have to have a full-on Kleenex moment by the end of this episode.

The Avengers was released on Blu-Ray/DVD this week, so here’s a Marvel Short called “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer.” It features everyone’s favorite agent being a total BAMF- love it!

Icons! These are all 100×100, which makes them perfect for LJ, gravatars, or just for storing on your computer and browsing through occasionally *cough*.

And a fic rec: I want to be where your heart is home, by smallacts. Fandom: Inception, pairing: Arthur/Eames, rating: pg-13. This fic is adorable and I’ve read it half a dozen times. Basically, Eames moves into Arthur’s apartment (sans invitation) and sets about convincing Arthur that he belongs there.

“Arthur shakes his head rapidly, like that might help shake out the crazy.
When he stops, Eames is still sitting at Arthur’s kitchen table like he owns the place, like he belongs.
“You’re fond of me.” Eventually, things will start making more sense and he’ll be able to do something other than parrot Eames’ words back at him.
Now is not that time.
Eames nods again. “In the spirit of specificity, I could clarify that what I really meant was that I’m in love with you. Did you not already know that?”
Arthur did not know that.
He really didn’t.”

Happy Friday, fandom! Got a great idea for next week’s Fandom Friday post? Leave me a comment!


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