Jacked In: Hashtags on Cable

Those of you who’ve been around for a while know that I broke up with Twitter a few months ago. Ever since then, though, it feels like I’ve become even more aware of the way social networks have taken over mainstream media. Usually I’m in favor of alternate media sources, but I have to ask, seriously: what is the deal with hashtags popping up in the middle of TV shows?

(BBC America, I’m looking at you)

Obviously sponsored hashtags offer an easy way for networks to gain visibility for their show via a (potential) trending topic, and, in theory, provides a ready-made community for show discussion. But are we using them? A Twitter search for one of the recent Copper hashtags (#donteatthefruitcake) has more tweets about the tag itself than anything else about the show. It’s sort of like the kid who goes around forcing himself into other people’s conversations and then starts talking about himself.

TV hashtags: neat or a nuisance? Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Jacked In: Hashtags on Cable

  1. SUCH a nuisance. I can’t stand having to watch around hashtags just to watch a show. Part of this is that I don’t use Twitter and the other part is that I’d like to concentrate on the show without the huge network icon and other crap all over the screen. It wouldn’t bother me if they kept the hashtags to commercial breaks or the credits, but that seems like a crazy dream at this point.

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