Book Review: Agnes and the Hitman

Agnes and the HitmanAgnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My love for Jennifer Crusie books is deep, and “Agnes and the Hitman” is at the top of the list of reasons why I’m not ashamed to admit that I read them. It has, in no particular order, assault with a deadly frying pan, genial mobsters, “Grosse Point Blank” references, pink flamingos, and an extremely attractive hitman. This book couldn’t be any more perfect for me if it tried.

Agnes, author of the ‘Cranky Agnes’ food column, has a lot on her plate; she’s catering the wedding of her best friend’s daughter in partnership with her strangely absentee fiance- a wedding which both the grandmother-of-the-bride and the mother-of-the-groom are trying to sabotage. So she’s not at her best when someone breaks into her house in the middle of the night in an attempt to steal her dog at gunpoint. It’s only reasonable that she wallops him a good one with her cast iron skillet. What’s more difficult to explain to the police is that the thief falls through a wall and ends up slightly less alive than when he came in. Life becomes even more awkward when it turns out that five million dollars in mob money used to be hidden in the basement Agnes didn’t know she had…but now it’s missing.

“Everything in Agnes’s kitchen was neat and professional, but nothing said big money, ransom kind of money. In fact, the only thing that had caught his eye was the row of gleaming razor-sharp knives stuck to the magnetic bars on the wall, and next to them long-handled forks that looked sharp as spikes, and beyond those more sharpened, shiny tools, every damn one of them lethal as hell.

Agnes worked in the Kitchen of Death.”

The mob wants its money, the would-be-dognapper’s hillbilly family wants a piece of Agnes, and Agnes isn’t sure what she wants- except that it probably includes the sexy hitman who turned up on her doorstep.

This is another fantastic offering from Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer, perfect for anyone who likes their lighthearted rom-com with a side of murder.

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