new feature: fandom friday

Like we talked about earlier, I’m a total nerd. I’m the girl who gets the references in The Big Bang Theory, who has a (strong) opinion on which Companion was best, and has had a crush on Patrick Stewart since he captained the Enterprise. I think at least a few of you probably are, too. So let’s celebrate! Fandom Friday is a weekly gathering of some of my (and hopefully your) favorite things in fandom- any media, any pairing, any fandom.


Have you seen the new Hobbit trailer yet? All I could do after watching it was let out a sort of strangled squee sound, I’m so excited. I’m not thrilled about the decision to split it into parts, but we’ll see. They’ll have no excuse for cutting anything out, at this rate.

Alohamora keychain, from oneeyedfox‘s Etsy shop. Plenty of other adorable geeky things in this shop, too- you’re bound to find something that suits your fannish needs.

Drastically Redefining Protocol, by rageprufrock. Fandom: BBC Merlin, Pairing: Merlin/Arthur, Rating: R – one of my all-time, most favorite, favorite fanfics. A modern AU, wherein Arthur, Prince of England, meets Merlin, doctor-in-training, and, as the summary indicates, “all hell promptly breaks loose.” rageprufrock does a fantastic job of keeping everyone in character while making them believably modern. The slow build of the relationship between Arthur and Merlin is lovely, and thankfully doesn’t disregard the issues that would arise if the Prince of England fell in love with another man.

Movies in Fifteen Minutes, by cleolinda. What it says on the tin: brief and HYSTERICAL movie reviews/parodies. Vaguely NSFW, but only in that you are guaranteed to laugh out loud at least once. My personal favorite is Troy in Fifteen Minutes:

Tidepool, Some Island

ACHILLES: Hey, Mom! Odysseus wants me to go out and fight, can I can I can I?

THETIS: Well, if you stay here, you’ll have a wonderful life with a wonderful wife and tons of kids, and they’ll all remember your fabulousness.


THETIS: But then, after they’re all dead, you’ll be completely forgotten.

ACHILLES: Next option.

THETIS: If you go to Troy, you will never come home because your glory is tied to your doom, but you will be remembered forever and ever and ever. Is that what you want?

ACHILLES: Hmmm. We’ve established that I’m a complete famewhore, so the word I am looking for here is… YES.

Something you’d like to see in next week’s Fandom Friday? Got a fic rec or a recipe you have to share? Let me know!


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