Why I’m Breaking Up with Twitter

Like just about everyone these days, my Twitter usage has been pretty constant since I got started. Over the last few months, though, I’ve become disenchanted with it. When, in the course of setting up my new iPhone, I found myself wondering- why? So I’m declaring a moratorium- why feel obligated to check my Twitter stream when I don’t enjoy it? What am I getting out of it?

  • I already read dozens of blogs daily. I browse Pinterest or Instagram when it’s slow at work and check in with my Facebook regularly. I don’t need another time-suck reading about the antics of an actor’s dog/cat/beer brewing.
  • Most of the people I follow are people that I don’t know, and probably will never know. There’s very little sense of community (at least for me; your experience might be different); retweeting someone doesn’t actually count as interaction.
  • There’s no one on Twitter that I would miss if I never read their stream again. Either I know you and we talk regularly already, or I really just don’t care that much.
  • Promoted tweets. NOT COOL, TWITTER, NOT COOL.
  • I want to lead a more simple, reflective sort of life. I love instagram & project 365 because it captures something that’s actually happening in my day, in a visible, memorable format. Twitter feels more like a distraction than a reflection.

So I guess that’s it, Twitter. It’s not you, it’s me (except for those promoted tweets. Those are ALL YOU).

Have you given anything up lately? Thinking about breaking up with Twitter or other social networks? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear about it.


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