Birchbox April 2012

My April Birchbox came, and I’m really pleased with it (yay!). This is my second box, and while I liked the first, it was nothing special; I’m much happier with this one. This month’s theme was “natural wonders,” so most of the products are eco-friendly in some way.

  1. Dropps Laundry Detergent pods- this is actually the “extra” for this month. It’s an “green” detergent, made with all-natural ingredients, which I love, and the pod-packaging is about as convenient as laundry detergent could possibly get. They seemed to work well; if I ever saw them in the store, I’d definitely get some.
  2. Wonderstruck perfume, by Taylor Swift- I wouldn’t have imagined that I would enjoy a Taylor Swift perfume. I don’t like her or her music, but this is a great perfume. It’s fruity and a little floral; nothing too over-powering or headache-inducing.
  3. Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer- might be the moisturizer that convinces me to moisturize daily. All-natural ingredients, no water, full of yummy-smelling fruit juices. It has a great texture, absorbs into the skin easily, and didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or sticky.
  4. Zoya Nail Polish in Lotus- I love this color! It’s a deep, grape-like purple with a red/purple shimmer. Birchbox mentions that “the vegan-friendly formulas don’t contain formaldehyde, tuolene, camphor, and other toxic chemicals.” It also supposedly goes on opaque with one coat and lasts 50% longer than other polishes, which I have to argue with. It definitely took two coats to get opaque coverage. As to how long it lasts- after three days, I have a tiny bit of chipping at the tops of my nails (mostly from typing), but nothing that’s super-noticeable.
  5. Amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask- this is the only product I haven’t tried yet, but I”m excited to use it! My curly hair can get very dry, but it’s also pretty sensitive to new products, so I guess we’ll see.

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