I’m not competitive, I just like to be perfect at everything

Two of my goals for this year were to start a regular work-out routine, and to save money & pay down our credit card debt. So when we got a large amount of trade-in credit at Hastings, C & I jumped on the chance to buy a Wii Fit (rather than shelling out monthly for a gym membership). If you’re not familiar, the Wii Fit is basically a work-out console for the Wii gaming system. It has a board that you stand on & perform various activities, from boxing and yoga to running, hula hooping, and step aerobics.

picture from Amazon.com

So far we’re really enjoying it- several of the work-outs are intense enough to get you working up a sweat, and the video game interactivity keeps it fun. People certainly don’t cheer for you as you run on a treadmill at the gym. There’s just one little problem…

C is better than me at all of the things. This doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. She’s always been a much more physical, sporty, outdoorsy type of person than me. But being a video game, of course it ranks players depending on their performance– in our case, this means that C is getting more little gold stars than me. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I need the gold stars. And it’s not the competition that’s the issue; I don’t care about “winning.” I simply have a compulsive need to be perfect at everything.

I am one of those straight-A, over-achieving, extra credit-doing, speak-up-in-class, gold star-craving type of people (I know I’m not the only one out there, right?). One of the things I miss about college is the constant validation that comes from consistently performing well in class. Real Jobs (or, at least mine) don’t provide the same sort of validation and approval. Now, in theory, working harder + working out more would equal a better workout, which would equal more gold stars, yes? The problem there is that C is also working out, which means that she will also get better. Conundrum.

Obviously the only solution is to go back in time and influence C, thus creating a parallel timeline in which she is not a sports enthusiast, but a bookish, glasses-wearing nerd, thus putting us on more equal footing. YES. Because, let’s be honest, it’s probably more likely than the idea of overcoming my own neuroses.


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