Achievement unlocked: moved!

So The Big Move is finally over (big sighs all around). Things went pretty well, in no small part because we’d prepared ahead of time, and because we took five days off of work to devote to the process.


  • Since we were packed & ready to go, the movers had us done in just under 4 hours; the total came to $470. They were completely efficient and professional (and cute!)
  • Having a list of what was in the boxes made it super easy to know which box to unpack where, and in which order
  • We bought a few things ahead of time (cabinets, mostly) and assembled them in the new apt. while it was still empty, so that we didn’t have to tackle assembling them with boxes everywhere
  • Packing leak-able items in a ziploc was nothing short of genius, as it saved us from having ink and hair goop leak all over everything


  • I packed a duffle bag with things like our toothbrushes, etc, for our last night in our old place… and then accidentally left them at the new place
  • ditto toilet paper
  • Pay attention to what you buy! I spent a tedious half-hour removing labels with a hair dryer, after I realized that the ones I thought were removable were actually very clearly labeled “permanent adhesive”
  • If at all possible, get a couple of viewings of your apartment before you move in. When we toured this apt, all you could smell was new paint & carpet. Now that’s faded, and a horrific stale cigarette smell has been revealed. If you have any tips for combating this, I’d love to know!

Just gone through your own Big Move? Any tips for getting settled? I’d love to hear them- leave me a comment!

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