Book Review: Mesmerized

Oh, how I wanted to like this book. The premise was interesting enough (you don’t see a lot of teenage succubi in YA literature these days). And, of course, it had all the hallmarks of a slightly schlocky but readable teen book: girl moves to a new school, wants to fit in but can’t, meets the One Boy to Rule Them All, etc, etc. All of which I was on board with, until the plot line took a right turn straight into absurdity.

See, on top of Lily’s “woe-is-me, I’m-a-beautiful-succubus,” antics, her would-be boyfriend Jake has been cursed with immortality. Which, on the one hand, means sexyfuntimes are free to be had, since Lily can’t kill him with her succubisity. BUT. BUT. Jake has managed to attract the attention of a super bad guy who wants his immortality and also, IDEK, to eat little babies or something.

So Jake and Lily take off on the run, and, of course, get kidnapped; at which point Lily is forced to acknowledge the useful of her succubi powers when getting them free (learning experience!). They finally turn to Lily’s parents for help…which is about the time a giant deus ex machina takes over the end of the book. Lily’s Super Succubus Mom, Secret Special Forces Dad, and Random Witch swoop in and defeat the Very Bad Man as quickly as you can say, “You’re a Very Bad Man.”

Random Witch gives Lily a Magic Bracelet so that men don’t act like creepy stalkers around her. Jake decides his immortality is worth it so that he can stay with Lily FOREVER. Everyone lives happily ever after, THE END.

On the other hand, the cover art is really pretty.

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