Tutorial: Beaded Wrap Bracelet

I’m totally in love with these wrap bracelets. Unfortunately, anywhere between $35.00 and $215.00 is WAY too much to consider spending on a bracelet in this household. Being the crafty sort, I sat down and put this bracelet together for about $6.00 (yay, cheap!).

You’ll need silver/glass beads, round or cylindrical, about 1/4″ across (I used Jewelry Essentials Glass Seed Beads, size 6/0). You’ll also need enough leather cording to wrap around your wrist SIX times, plus 3 extra inches (for me this was about  52″); thread to match the color of your cord, a sewing needle that fits through your beads, and a button.

Fold your cording in half, and tie a knot about an inch down (more or less, depending on the size of the button you want to use). This will form the loop closure for your bracelet. Now you’ll have a loop at the top, with two strands hanging down from the knot.

Near the top of the knot, tie a long piece of thread onto one strand, and thread your needle. Secure the thread with a dab of Super Glue or clear nail polish. Now you’ll start stringing on the beads.

Basically, you’re attaching the beads between the two strands of cord in a figure 8 pattern. You’ll loop the thread over & under the cord, securing the bead in between both strands of cord. Make sure to pull the thread tight, so the bead is snug against the cord on both sides. Once you’ve gone through the bead several times, stop passing through the bead and instead wrap the thread several times around ONE strand of cord ( you can see the tiny thread ridges in the above pic). This has a couple of advantages: a little more strength/security for the bead, & it moves the thread down the cord strand to get into place for the next bead. I like to alternate sides every bead, which makes it a little more even.

This is a long bracelet. You’ve got two options when it comes to thread: work with an insanely long thread & pick knots out of it a hundred times (ask me how I know!), or use shorter, more manageable pieces. When you’re getting close to the end of your thread, just knot on another piece. Try to manage it in a place where you’ll be wrapping the thread around the cord alone; if you put the knot in the middle of the thread, it’ll put a lot of pressure on the knot as you pull the bead tight, and the knot might break. As longs as you’ve trimmed the ends short, the knot will be barely noticeable in the finished product.

A million hours later (okay, about 10), you’ll reach within a couple of inches of the end of your bracelet. Tie the thread in several knots around one strand, and fix the knots with a bit of Super Glue/clear nail polish.

 If you have a button with a shank, slip both ends of your cord through the shank & tie a knot on the other side. If you have a standard button, work the cord through the button holes, and then tie a knot on the opposite side. Finished!

Enjoy your awesome bracelet. Show it off! Did you make one? Leave me a comment, I’d love to see it!


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