Itty Bitty Living Space, p1


In an attempt to meet one of our goals for this year (paying off our credit cards), C and I are downsizing. We’re planning a move from our 1000 sq ft, 2 bedroom apartment to a 1 bedroom with about 650 sq ft. (Eek.)

The first thing I’ve done in order to try and squeeze out more space (and save effort in the move) is change to a paper-free filing system. There’s a fabulous tutorial here; the basic idea is to scan all of the documents you’d normally file, and then save them to a USB drive & a cloud storage system. I used the scanner on my desktop printer; the downside is that it only saves files as .jpgs, not as .pdfs, but the upside is that it didn’t cost me anything extra. Scanned files go into an encrypted folder on my USB drive, and a copy of the same encrypted folder is stored in my Dropbox account.

It took a few days to get through the massive amount of paper two people compile over 5 years of living together, but I’m super pleased with the result. I’ve condensed things that can’t be scanned (mostly manuals for various appliances) into one small file box that fits under my desk. The ugly metal filing cabinet is on its way out. Success!


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